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Our Story

2 Southern Belles is the culmination of over five generations of expertise in the kitchen in Mobile, Alabama. Our great-grandfather was a baker, grandmother and great-aunt Teena and Dollie carried on the tradition. Our mother Gwendolyn, taught us and we in turn are passing it to the next generation. Our culture is Southern and Creole from “The Bottom” off Davis Avenue in the Heart of Mobile. Our sister, Maria, brought her Puerto Rican heritage and added more flavor to our lives. Although she is gone far too soon, Maria’s culture is honored along with Teena and Dollie in our daily entrees and desserts, bringing the flavors that remind you of home. We are Alabama. Our family is Alabama. Our home is The Campground and The Bottom. And our ancestors were…..

2 Southern Belles.

In the Kitchen

Chef Kim's mother taught her and her four older brothers how to cook. She was in the kitchen at 8 years old, sautéing vegetables and stirring a roux. The earliest dishes she remembers learning from her mother are lemon pound cake and spaghetti.

However, it was her grandmother and great aunt’s cooking that fed her intrigue in the culinary arts.

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